Specialized in high-speed, high-resolution connectivity solutions, Phrontier Technologies offers reliable Camera Link, USB3.0, and CoaXPress devices and cables for Machine Vision and professional audio/video equipment. All Phrontier products are designed by our experienced engineering team and manufactured in accordance with our strict, high quality standards. We offer a wide variety of Camera Link repeaters, Camera Link fiber optic extenders, fiber adapters, Camera Link splitters and switches. We have listed just a few applications are listed for your reference:

* Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS)
* Flat Panel Display (FPD) Inspection
* Vehicle Testing
* Metal Sheet Inspection
* Printing Inspection
* Fiber Optic Rotary Joint Application
* Medical Imaging
* Aerospace Testing
* Film and video game productions
* 3-D Imaging
* Scientific Measurement
* Cameras in Harsh Environment
* Sports Arena (simulation, line call)
* Military and Defense Applications
* Solar cell inspections
* Other Machine Vision Applications


PHORTE Fiber Extender for CoaXPress quad

We are so excited to bring the best performing Coaxpress fiber extender into the market. The PHORTE PHT4 series are PoCXP compliant, supporting all high speed data rate from 1.25G to 6.25G/s, offering demanded features such as plug-and-play, lower power consumption, wide operating temperature range, small yet robust package, secure industrial grade locking power connectors […]

Introducing PHORTE, Phrontier’s First CoaXPress Fiber Extender

Our new PHORTE product family features our first-ever CoaXPress product. Fully supporting CoaXPress standard, this new 1 channel fiber extender connects up to 10 kilometers away over fiber cables. Like many of our other products, PHORTE is plug-and-play, meaning that there is no configuration or programming required. For more information, see our official product page.

Introducing a New PHORCE Standalone Model

A new addition to the PHORCE family, our standalone version (Part Number PHU30-xx) features a sleek compact case that directly plugs into a USB 3.0 application, without any drivers or extra programming. Available for single mode, multimode, or CWDM fiber(s), it extends USB 3.0 connections up to 300 meters and provides USB bus power to […]