Specialized in high-speed, high-resolution connectivity solutions, Phrontier Technologies offers reliable Camera Link and USB3.0 devices and cables for Machine Vision and professional audio/video equipment. All Phrontier products are designed by our experienced engineering team and manufactured in accordance with our strict, high quality standards. We offer a wide variety of Camera Link repeaters, Camera Link fiber optic extenders, fiber adapters, Camera Link splitters and switches. We have listed just a few applications are listed for your reference:

* Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS)
* Flat Panel Display (FPD) Inspection
* Vehicle Testing
* Metal Sheet Inspection
* Printing Inspection
* Fiber Optic Rotary Joint Application
* Medical Imaging
* Aerospace Testing
* Film and video game productions
* 3-D Imaging
* Scientific Measurement
* Cameras in Harsh Environment
* Sports Arena (simulation, line call)
* Military and Defense Applications
* Solar cell inspections
* Other Machine Vision Applications


Mini-PHIRE Camera Link Fiber Adapter Now Available

A smaller version of our PHIRE, the Mini-PHIRE is our newest solution to space-sensitive applications. Mini-PHIRE is a little more than 10 mm shorter than our original PHIRE, and with Power over Camera Link compatibility, the Mini-PHIRE is the best choice for space conservation. With the new addition to our PHIRE family, the user interface of […]

PHOX Camera Link Fiber Extender Tested Below Zero

Our PHOX series was designed to provide dependability, to withstand the harshest conditions of any application; with its rack-mountable housing and tough exterior, PHOX does just that. Recently, we created a new version of PHOX to improve upon its durability, and after much testing, we are pleased to announce that this PHOX version has been officially tested […]

Updated PHIRE Datasheet

Check out the new PHIRE datasheet, updated March 14th, to find the most recent data on our Base mode fiber adapters. Our datasheets have the most specific information on our products, and new additions to the PHIRE datasheet include models available in industrial temperature grade and more accessories. Click here to see the new datasheet.