About Us

Phrontier Technologies is a total-solution provider of Camera Link and USB connectivity. We design and manufacture high quality Camera Link and USB3.0 fiber optical extension and transmission products, as well as electrical repeaters and splitters. By working closely with our customers and distribution partners, we are continuously developing and bringing innovative, advanced, high-performance, and user-friendly imaging products to the market.

By harnessing on our proprietary fiber optic technologies, our PHOX® , PHIRE®,  PHAST® and PHORCE® extend Camera Link or USB applications’ transmission distance, making it possible to place cameras as far from computers as 80 kilometers. Our products are transparent, with no extra programming needed, and compatible with any brand of Camera Link camera or framegrabber.

CLEVER™ , PHANTA® and PHLY® are our electrical Camera Link solutions. These one-of-a-kind products boast multiple functions as repeater, splitter, switch, and multiplexer. Covering the range of configurations from base to full, at up to 100MHz pixel clock rate, all our electrical products can be used with our PHAST, PHOX and PHIRE prodoucts for extended transmission distance.

Phrontier Technologies takes great pride in our products and services. We want to grow with you. Contact us today to discuss your Machine Vision and imaging needs. We’ll make it work for you.