Camera Link Fiber Adapters & Extenders

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Our fiber extenders transcend the limits of copper cables, connecting Camera Link applications over fiber. We created four distinct Camera Link fiber optic adapters that together support a range of Camera Link configurations (Base-Ext. Full) to give customers the maximum flexibility in cost and design.


Camera Link Electrical Repeater, Splitter and Mux

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Our electric Camera Link solutions span a range of functionalities: repeater, splitter, 2×2 switch, and multiplexer. We offer Camera Link repeaters for both standard and mini Camera Link connector sizes. We also offer our unique 2×2 switch (shown above), in which the user connects 2 cameras to 2 framegrabbers and the user can determine which image goes where; therefore, the switch can also function as a repeater or splitter. If you need to split, PHANTA line consists of multiplexers and splitters, where multiple cameras (2+) are connected to 1 framegrabber.


CoaXPress Extenders








The best on market, our CoaXPress fiber extender PHORTE extends CoaXPress connections over fiber as far as 80 kilometers away. Supporting all high-speed bit rates  1.25G, 2.5G, 3.125G, 5G and 6.25Gb/s in a compact gold box, PHORTE is space-sensitive, lower power-consumption and versatile for industrial, sports and entertainment applications with PoCXP feature and optional AUX channels.


USB 3.0 Fiber Extenders

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Standalone Model PCIe Model

We provide two distinct USB 3.0 Fiber Extender models, the Standalone Extender (setup shown above) and the PCIe Extender. Each with its own strengths, both extenders have a model for a range of fiber types and both support 5Gb/s data rate. The Standalone Extender plugs directly into any application and extends USB 3.0 connections as far as 300 meters. It can provide USB bus power to USB devices and does not require any drivers. The PCIe Fiber Extender can extend up to 1km over singlemode simplex fiber. We provide drivers for this model on the PHORCE webpage for easy, no-hassle access.


Camera Link Cables

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We supply a number of Camera Link cables whose lengths vary from 0.5 meter-10 meters.

– MDR male to MDR male

– MDR male to SDR male

– SDR male to SDR male

– Robotic Cables

Please see our cable webpage for specific part number and ordering information.

Optical Fibers and Accessories

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See our complete selection of fiber cables, adapters, and transceivers on our webpage. We would be happy to work with you on custom solutions. A few of our offerings include:

– LC, SC, or ST connectors

– Ruggedized, military grade

– Simplex or duplex, multimode or single mode

– Varying lengths (depending on type of fiber), 1 meter-200 meters

USB 3.0 Active Repeater Cables

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Our range of USB 3.0 Active Repeater Cables come in handy when an application must overcome the limit of copper cables. Our cables connect a Type A male connector to an angled Micro B connector. We stock straight, right, left, up, and down angles, (shown above respectively) in 05, 07, and 10 meters. Visit our webpage for specific part number and ordering information.