PHORTE CoaXPress Fiber Extenders 2 Channel (Dual)

The new PHORTE 2-channel fiber extender fully supports CoaXPress standard and extends link distance over fiber as far as 80 kilometers. Transparent in design with no programming needed,  PHORTE-2 is robust and user-friendly. Working with either multimode or single mode LC fiber cable, PHORTE is your best choice for architecting a reliable high speed vision system.

Key Features

• Supports all high-speed bit rates: 1.25G, 2.5G, 3.125G, 5G, and 6.25Gb/s
• PoCXP capability allows the module to supply power to camera and receive power from framegrabber
• Extends up to 80 kilometers over single mode fiber
• Optional AUX channels for additional RS232/RS422/GPIO devices
• Plug-and-play: no configuration required
• Standard DIN 1.0/2.3 connectors
• Compact size: 88L x14W x41.25H mm

Available Models

Model —— Description
PHT2-M — Extends up to 300 meters with OM3 multimode fiber or 400 meters with OM4 multimode fiber
Includes: 1x PHORTE-CM, 1x PHORTE-FG, 1x 24V AC/DC adapter
PHT2-S — Extends up to 10 kilometers with single mode duplex fiber
Includes: 1x PHORTE-CM, 1x PHORTE-FG, 1x 24V AC/DC adapter
PHT2-B — Extends up to 10 kilometers with single mode simplex fiber
Includes: 1x PHORTE-CM, 1x PHORTE-FG, 1x 24V AC/DC adapter


Setup Diagram

Cables & Accessories

Ruggedized Fiber Cable
(SC-SC Simplex Shown)
Ruggedized Optical Fiber Cables

LC to LC duplex, 3.0 mm jacket, ruggedized connector grade. We
also offer SC connectors, simplex and custom lengths.

Product Number:
LC-LC-M-R3-xxxx (multimode)
LC-LC-S-R3-xxxx (single mode)

Product NumberDescription
LC-LC-M-R3-100D – Multimode duplex fiber, 100 meters
SC-SC-M-R3-100S – Multimode simplex fiber, 100 meters
LC-LC-S-R3-100D — Single mode duplex fiber, 100 meters
SC-SC-S-R3-100S — Single mode simplex fiber, 100 meters

LC/LC Duplex Fiber Cable Multimode
Optical Fiber Cables – Multimode LC/LC Duplex  

LC to LC duplex multimode fiber, 62.5/125 µm or 50/125 µm, 1.8 mm jacket, riser
grade. Custom lengths available up to 250 meters.

Product Number: LC-LC-M-D-xxxM

Product Number
—-10 meters
—- 15 meters
—- 25 meters
—-30 meters
—-50 meters
— 100 meters

LC/LC Simplex Multimode
Optical Fiber Cables – Multimode Simplex  

Multimode simplex fiber cable, 62.5/125 µm, 1.8 mm jacket, standard
connectors, riser grade. Rugged version available.

Product Number:
LC-LC-M-S-xxxx (LC/LC)
SC-SC-M-S-xxxx (SC/SC)
LC-SC-M-S-xxxx (LC/SC)

Product NumberDescription
LC-LC-M-S-10M —- LC/LC connectors, 10 meters
LC-LC-M-S-15M —- LC/LC connectors, 15 meters
LC-LC-M-S-30M —- LC/LC connectors, 30 meters
LC-LC-M-S-50M —- LC/LC connectors, 50 meters
SC-SC-M-S-10M —- SC/SC connectors, OM2, 10 meters
SC-SC-M-S-30M —- SC/SC connectors, OM2, 30 meters
LC-SC-M-S-1M —— LC/SC connectors, 1 meter

LC/LC Single Mode Duplex
Optical Fiber Cables – Singlemode Duplex  

LC to LC single mode duplex fiber cable, 9/125 µm, 2.0 mm jacket,
riser grade.

Product Number: LC-LC-S-D-xxxM

Product Number Description
LC-LC-S-D-10M —– 10 meters
LC-LC-S-D-30M —– 30 meters
LC-LC-S-D-35M —– 35 meters
LC-LC-S-D-100M — 100 meters
LC-LC-S-D-200M — 200 meters

SC/SC Simplex Single Mode
Optical Fiber Cables – Single Mode Simplex  

Single Mode simplex fiber cable, 9/125 µm, 1.8 mm jacket, standard
connector, riser grade. Rugged version available.

Product Number:
LC-LC-S-S-xxxx (LC/LC connectors)
SC-SC-S-S-xxxx (SC/SC connectors)
LC-SC-S-S-xxxx (LC/SC connectors)

Product NumberDescription
LC-LC-S-S-10M —— LC/LC connectors, 10 meters
LC-LC-S-S-20M —— LC/LC connectors, 20 meters
LC-LC-S-S-30M —— LC/LC connectors, 30 meters
LC-LC-S-S-50M —— LC/LC connectors, 50 meters
SC-SC-S-S-10M —— SC/SC connectors, 10 meters
LC-SC-S-S-3M ——– LC/SC connectors, 3 meters

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