PHOX Camera Link Fiber Extender

Camera Link Compliant

One of our top selling models, our PHOX Camera Link fiber extender has a model for every Camera Link configuration. Our PHOX for Base and Medium configurations transmits 2 Gb/s transport bandwidth at 66 MHz pixel clock. One of our most powerful products, the PHOX for Full configurations can reach transport speeds of 100 MHz (85 MHz standard), the fastest in the industry. With zero data loss and transparent transport, PHOX overcomes the 10 meter limit of copper Camera Link cables, and instead extends camera signals as far as 50 kilometers. PHOX is one of our most versatile Camera Link fiber optic solutions, with superior bandwidth flexibility and optional GPIO and RS232 ports.

Key Features 

• Housed in a rack-mountable cage for harsh environments
• Supports all Camera Link Base, Medium and Full cameras and framegrabbers
• Zero data loss and transparent transport, no programming needed
• Sends high-speed, real-time image data over LC duplex fiber cables
• Single 5~24VDC power supply with locking AC/DC power adapters
• 250-meter transmission distance via multimode fiber or up to 50 kilometers via single mode fiber
• CWDM-specific and single fiber options available upon request

Standard Models

Camera Link Full Configuration 10×8, 8×8 bit — 85MHz

PHOX-FM-300 — Multimode LC duplex, up to 300 meters
PHOX-FL-10 — Single Mode LC duplex, up to 10 kilometers
PHOX-FL-L10 — Single Mode LC simplex, up to 10 kilometers
PHOX-FL-Cxx — Single Mode, CWDM wavelength

†100 MHz available upon request


PHOX-FENew design

CWDM Setup Diagram 

CWDM technology is available with our PHIRE and PHOX product families for multiplexing multiple fiber connections into one single fiber while maintaining full bi-directional transmission for all systems at the same time. Up to 18 optical wavelengths are available.

FO Extender Replaces CL Cable

Recommended For PHOX:

Camera Link Cables MDR26 to MDR26  

Standard MDR26 plug to MDR26 plug. PoCL Compatible

Product Number: 618-14T26-xx-0LC

Phrontier Part NumberCable LengthCross 3M Part Number
618-14T26-0.5-0LC ———– 0.5 meter ——— 14T26-SZLB-050-0LC
618-14T26-01-0LC ———– 1 meter ———— 14T26-SZLB-100-0LC
618-14T26-02-0LC ———– 2 meters ———- 14T26-SZLB-200-0LC
618-14T26-2.5-0LC ———– 2.5 meters ——- 14T26-SZLB-250-0LC
618-14T26-03-0LC ———– 3 meters ———- 14T26-SZLB-300-0LC
618-14T26-05-0LC ———– 5 meters ———- 14T26-SZLB-500-0LC
618-14T26-10-0LC ———– 10 meters ——— 14T26-SZLB-A00-0LC  

Additional Cable Options:

SDR26 to MDR26
Mini Camera Link to Standard Camera Link Cables

Standard Mini Camera Link SDR26 plug to MDR26 plug. PoCL Compatible

Product Number: 618-MCLT26-xx

Product Number — Description — Cross 3M Part Number
— 0.5 meter
—– 1 meter ——— 1MF26-L560-00C-100
—– 2 meters ——– 1MF26-L560-00C-200
—– 3 meters
—– 5 meters ——– 1MF26-L560-00C-500
—– 10 meters —— 1MF26-L560-00C-A00

LC/LC Multimode Duplex
Optical Fiber Cables – Multimode LC/LC Duplex  

LC to LC duplex multimode fiber, 62.5/125 µm or 50/125 µm, 1.8 mm jacket, riser
grade. Custom lengths available up to 250 meters.

Product Number: LC-LC-M-D-xxxM

Product Number
—- 10 meters
LC-LC-M-D-15M —- 15 meters
LC-LC-M-D-25M —- 25 meters
LC-LC-M-D-30M —- 30 meters
LC-LC-M-D-50M —- 50 meters
LC-LC-M-D-100M — 100 meters

LC/LC Single Mode Duplex
Optical Fiber Cables – Singlemode Duplex  

LC to LC single mode duplex fiber cable, 9/125 µm, 2.0 mm jacket, riser grade.

Product Number: LC-LC-S-D-xxxM

Product Number Description
LC-LC-S-D-10M —– 10 meters
LC-LC-S-D-30M —– 30 meters
LC-LC-S-D-35M —– 35 meters
LC-LC-S-D-100M — 100 meters
LC-LC-S-D-200M — 200 meters

Ruggedized Fiber Cable
(SC-SC Simplex Shown)
Ruggedized Optical Fiber Cables

LC to LC duplex, 3.0 mm jacket, ruggedized connector grade. We also offer
SC connectors, simplex and custom lengths.

Product Number:
LC-LC-M-R3-xxxx (multimode)
LC-LC-S-R3-xxxx (single mode)

Product Number —- Description
LC-LC-M-R3-100D — Multimode duplex fiber, 100 meters
SC-SC-M-R3-100S — Multimode simplex fiber, 100 meters
LC-LC-S-R3-100D — Single mode duplex fiber, 100 meters
SC-SC-S-R3-100S — Single mode simplex fiber, 100 meters

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