Camera Link Repeaters, Splitters, Mux

Complaint with Camera Link Standards

The high quality, user-friendly electrical solutions by Phrontier Technologies are designed to not only extend Camera Link cable length but also to split image data from a single camera to multiple framegrabbers. See below, our CLEVER-SW offers flexible connections between 2 cameras and 2 framegrabbers, as well as a range of other features.

PHANTA®: Image Splitter For Camera Link Full

PHANTA distributes images from 1 FULL camera to as many as 4 framegrabbers, up to 85 Mhz. It supports Camera Link Full (10x8bit and 8x8bit), Medium, and Base configurations, and comes with a standard 1U 19″ chassis for easy mounting. PHANTA is easy to use, with no programming required.

CLEVER™: Image Splitter, Repeater and Mux 

This multifunctional unit is the electrical solution to extend cable length, split images, and multiplex. CLEVER supports Camera Link Base and Medium configurations at high speeds up to 85 MHz. The user may control the unit via either the RS232 port or DIP switch on front panel.

PHLY®: Mini Camera Link Repeater

The PHLY™ products regenerate signals for Camera Link cameras and Camera Link frame grabbers to double cable distance. It is fully compatible with Base, Medium and Full configurations up to 85 MHz pixel clock. Separate modules for Base and Full configurations provide an easy, cost-efficient upgrade from Base to Full configuration. PoCL compliant.