Camera Link Fiber Optic Extenders

Complaint with Camera Link Standards

Our unique Camera Link fiber extenders and adapters are capable of transmitting images up to 80 km via multimode or single mode fiber cables. They work with all brands of Camera Link cameras and framegrabbers, with no field programming necessary. Our extenders and adapters are packaged in compact, rack-mountable housing, and PHAST and PHIRE adapters can plug directly into a camera or framegrabber. While our models generally come standardized, they may be customized to meet your needs.

PHAST®: Fiber Adapter for Camera Link Full

Our popular PHAST series supports the most demanding 8×8 bit and 10×8 bit Camera Link Full or Deca configuration and extends transmission distance up to 250 meters at 85MHz. PHAST plugs directly into a Camera Link camera or framegrabber without any camera link cable.

PHOX®: Fiber Extender For Base, Medium and Full
With zero data loss and transparent transport via 2 multimode or single mode optical fibers, PHOX Camera Link extenders transmit camera signals as far as 80km. Additional 4 opto-isolated GPIO and RS232 channels can be optimized for external trigger and control.
PHIRE®: Fiber Adapters For Camera Link Base, PoCL

PHIRE plugs directly into any Camera Link camera or framegrabber without any cables. It transmits image signals as far as 80km with true, transparent communication. PHIRE is PoCL compatible and available in 1-fiber and 2-fiber versions, as well as in CWDM wavelength models.

Mini-PHIRE™: Fiber Adapters For Camera Link Base, PoCL

Similar to our PHIRE adapter, this compact fiber optic adapter plugs directly into a Camera Link camera or framegrabber without any Camera Link cables, and with its smaller housing and PoCL capability, the Mini-PHIRE is truly ideal for space-conservative applications. It transparently transmits image signals as fast as 85 MHz up to 2 km, and is available in 2-fiber versions.