PHORTE CoaXPress Fiber Extender 1 Channel

Our first CoaXPress 1 channel extender, PHORTE fully supports CoaXPress standard and extends link distance over fiber as far as 10 kilometers. With no programming needed, every module plugs directly into any application for easy use. Modules come standard with the above shown heatsink, unless requested otherwise. All modules also support PoCXP and can be scaled to increase link distance. With its range of functions, PHORTE is one of the most versatile and easy-to-use products on the market.

Key Features

• Supports all high-speed bit rates: 1.25G, 2.5G, 3.125G, 5G, and 6.25Gb/s
• PoCXP capability allows the module to supply power to camera and receive power from framegrabber
• Extends up to 80 kilometers over single mode fiber
• Scalable for multi-link connections for high-bandwidth applications
• Plug-and-play: no configuration required
• Standard DIN 1.0/2.3 connector
• Compact size (without heatsink): 72L x 62W, 18H mm (2.83L x 2.45W x 0.71H inch)

Available Models

Model —— Description
PHT1-M — Extends up to 300 meters with OM3 multimode fiber or 400 meters with OM4 multimode fiber
Includes: 1x PHORTE-CM, 1x PHORTE-FG, 1x 24V AC/DC adapter
PHT1-S — Extends up to 10 kilometers with single mode duplex fiber
Includes: 1x PHORTE-CM, 1x PHORTE-FG, 1x 24V AC/DC adapter
PHT1-B — Extends up to 10 kilometers with single mode simplex fiber
Includes: 1x PHORTE-CM, 1x PHORTE-FG, 1x 24V AC/DC adapter


Setup Diagram

PHORTE Setup Diagram Not Available

Cables & Accessories

Ruggedized Fiber Cable
(SC-SC Simplex Shown)
Ruggedized Optical Fiber Cables

LC to LC duplex, 3.0 mm jacket, ruggedized connector grade. We
also offer SC connectors, simplex and custom lengths.

Product Number:
LC-LC-M-R3-xxxx (multimode)
LC-LC-S-R3-xxxx (single mode)

Product NumberDescription
LC-LC-M-R3-100D – Multimode duplex fiber, 100 meters
SC-SC-M-R3-100S – Multimode simplex fiber, 100 meters
LC-LC-S-R3-100D — Single mode duplex fiber, 100 meters
SC-SC-S-R3-100S — Single mode simplex fiber, 100 meters

LC/LC Duplex Fiber Cable Multimode
Optical Fiber Cables – Multimode LC/LC Duplex  

LC to LC duplex multimode fiber, 62.5/125 µm or 50/125 µm, 1.8 mm jacket, riser
grade. Custom lengths available up to 250 meters.

Product Number: LC-LC-M-D-xxxM

Product Number
—-10 meters
—- 15 meters
—- 25 meters
—-30 meters
—-50 meters
— 100 meters

LC/LC Simplex Multimode
Optical Fiber Cables – Multimode Simplex  

Multimode simplex fiber cable, 62.5/125 µm, 1.8 mm jacket, standard
connectors, riser grade. Rugged version available.

Product Number:
LC-LC-M-S-xxxx (LC/LC)
SC-SC-M-S-xxxx (SC/SC)
LC-SC-M-S-xxxx (LC/SC)

Product NumberDescription
LC-LC-M-S-10M —- LC/LC connectors, 10 meters
LC-LC-M-S-15M —- LC/LC connectors, 15 meters
LC-LC-M-S-30M —- LC/LC connectors, 30 meters
LC-LC-M-S-50M —- LC/LC connectors, 50 meters
SC-SC-M-S-10M —- SC/SC connectors, OM2, 10 meters
SC-SC-M-S-30M —- SC/SC connectors, OM2, 30 meters
LC-SC-M-S-1M —— LC/SC connectors, 1 meter

LC/LC Single Mode Duplex
Optical Fiber Cables – Singlemode Duplex  

LC to LC single mode duplex fiber cable, 9/125 µm, 2.0 mm jacket,
riser grade.

Product Number: LC-LC-S-D-xxxM

Product Number Description
LC-LC-S-D-10M —– 10 meters
LC-LC-S-D-30M —– 30 meters
LC-LC-S-D-35M —– 35 meters
LC-LC-S-D-100M — 100 meters
LC-LC-S-D-200M — 200 meters

SC/SC Simplex Single Mode
Optical Fiber Cables – Single Mode Simplex  

Single Mode simplex fiber cable, 9/125 µm, 1.8 mm jacket, standard
connector, riser grade. Rugged version available.

Product Number:
LC-LC-S-S-xxxx (LC/LC connectors)
SC-SC-S-S-xxxx (SC/SC connectors)
LC-SC-S-S-xxxx (LC/SC connectors)

Product NumberDescription
LC-LC-S-S-10M —— LC/LC connectors, 10 meters
LC-LC-S-S-20M —— LC/LC connectors, 20 meters
LC-LC-S-S-30M —— LC/LC connectors, 30 meters
LC-LC-S-S-50M —— LC/LC connectors, 50 meters
SC-SC-S-S-10M —— SC/SC connectors, 10 meters
LC-SC-S-S-3M ——– LC/SC connectors, 3 meters

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