Mini-PHIRE Camera Link Base Fiber Adapter, PoCL

Camera Link CompliantEven more compact than our PHIRE series, our Mini-PHIRE fiber optic adapters plug directly into any Camera Link camera or framegrabber without any Camera Link cables. Like our original series, Mini-PHIRE is compatible with Camera Link Base configuration. With its smaller housing and PoCL capability, the Mini-PHIRE is truly ideal for space-conservative applications. This smaller fiber adapter connects, via duplex fiber cables, Camera Link cameras to framegrabbers up to 2 kilometers away with transparent image signals as fast as 85 MHz.

Key Features

• Fully supports Base configuration Camera Link cameras and framegrabbers
• Direct plug into camera or framegrabber, with no electrical cables needed
• Broad bandwidth supports 24 bit image data, up 85 MHz pixel clock
• Transparent operation: plug-and-play, without the hassle of extra programming
• DC input 5V~24V
• Extends data transmission up to 2 kilometers, with longer distances available
• PoCL compliant
• Power connector with locking mechanism
• Compact housing measures 47L x 39W x 20H mm (1.85L x 1.54W x 0.78H inch)

Available Models

LC Duplex, Base Configuration
Product NumberDescription
PHM-85-M30 ——– 24 bit, 85 MHz pixel clock, multimode duplex OM2 or OM3 fiber, extend up to 300 meters
PHM-85-S10 ——– 24 bit, 85 MHz pixel clock, single mode duplex fiber, up to 10 kilometers

Adobe PDFSpecifications

*Contact us for custom solutions, including distance, packaging, voltage, temperature range, or any other special requirement for your applications.

Setup Diagram

Mini-PHIRE Setup Diagram Not Available

Cables & Accessories

MDR-SDR Converter
MDR-SDR Converter  

Compact 26-pin mini-Camera Link SDR plug to standard Camera Link MDR
receptacle with precision 3D printed shells in up and down angles.

Adobe PDFSpecifications

LC/LC Duplex Fiber Cable
Optical Fiber Cables – Multimode LC/LC Duplex  

LC to LC duplex multimode fiber, 62.5/125 µm or 50/125 µm, 1.8 mm jacket,
riser grade. Custom lengths available up to 250 meters.

Product Number: LC-LC-M-D-xxxM

Product Number
—-10 meters
—- 15 meters
—- 25 meters
LC-LC-M-D-30M —-30 meters
—-50 meters
— 100 meters

LC/LC Single Mode Duplex
Optical Fiber Cables – Singlemode Duplex  

LC to LC single mode duplex fiber cable, 9/125 µm, 2.0 mm jacket, riser grade.

Product Number: LC-LC-S-D-xxxM

Product Number Description
LC-LC-S-D-10M —– 10 meters
LC-LC-S-D-30M —– 30 meters
LC-LC-S-D-35M —– 35 meters
LC-LC-S-D-100M — 100 meters
LC-LC-S-D-200M — 200 meters

Ruggedized Fiber Cable
(SC-SC Simplex Shown)
Ruggedized Optical Fiber Cables

LC to LC duplex, 3.0 mm jacket, ruggedized connector grade. We also offer SC
connectors, simplex and custom lengths.

Product Number:
LC-LC-M-R3-xxxx (multimode)
LC-LC-S-R3-xxxx (single mode)

Product NumberDescription
LC-LC-M-R3-100D – Multimode duplex fiber, 100 meters
SC-SC-M-R3-100S – Multimode simplex fiber, 100 meters
LC-LC-S-R3-100D — Single mode duplex fiber, 100 meters
SC-SC-S-R3-100S — Single mode simplex fiber, 100 meters

3M Camera Link MDR/SDR Adapter Cables
3M Camera Link MDR/SDR Adapter Cables  

3M SDR26 (mini Camera Link) plug to MDR26 receptacle cable.
PoCL Version Available

Product Number: 1MG26-LFW0-00C-xxx

Product Number ———— Description
1MG26-LFW0-00C-100 — 3M Mini Camera Link (plug) to Standard Camera Link (receptacle) cable, 1 meter
1MG26-LFW0-00C-200 — 3M Mini Camera Link (plug) to Standard Camera Link (receptacle) cable, 2 meters
1MG26-LFW0-00C-500 — 3M Mini Camera Link (plug) to Standard Camera Link (receptacle) cable, 5 meters
1MG26-LFW0-00C-A00 — 3M Mini Camera Link (plug) to Standard Camera Link (receptacle) cable, 10 meters

MDR26 Adapter Cable
3M Camera Link MDR/MDR Adapter Cables

3M MDR26 plug to MDR26 receptacle cables for applications where a feed
through cable is required.

Product Number: 1W226-TZLB-xxx-0LC  

Product Number ———- Description
1W226-TZLB-050-0LC — 3M Camera Link plug to receptacle cable, 0.5 meter
1W226-TZLB-100-0LC — 3M Camera Link plug to receptacle cable, 1 meter
1W226-TZLB-150-0LC — 3M Camera Link plug to receptacle cable, 1.5 meter
1W226-TZLB-200-0LC — 3M Camera Link plug to receptacle cable, 2 meter

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